What is a     Clothing        Swap?  

At a clothing swap, you bring your gently used clothing items that you no longer need or wear. we sort them out and you can then "shop" among the items others bring to find new to you items to take home with you.

Swap Phoenix holds Clothing Swap Events in the west valley several times a year. We provide many different opportunities to meet and swap your gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories with others in the area. Some swaps, we will swap all sizes from babies to adults. Some swaps will be themed for a certain category. Join us at one of our events to swap your items you no longer need for new to you items!

How Does

  it Work?

At the Clothing Swap, you will drop off your clothes when you sign in. Our sorters will then distribute your items to the tables or racks by size and gender. While we are sorting, you can enjoy the snacks and entertainment and mingle with other swappers or shop with our vendors. 

Once everything is ready and we say "go" you start looking for new to you items you want to take home with you. You can take as many items with you as you like. 

When you are done, you take home your new found treasures and that's it! 

At the end of the swap, all the leftover clothing items will be donated to a women's or homeless shelter. 

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