What are   the Rules?

Our Rules are simple:

1. You must bring items to swap to be able to participate. If you bring a guest, they must also have items to swap. You can bring as much or as little as you like, and you can take as much as you like. Please bring gently used items that are in good condition.

Do Not Bring:

2. No underwear!

3. NO ripped, torn, stained, or worn items.  

  (ripped jeans ok if they are meant to be like that)



4. Please WASH items before bringing.

*If someone in the house smokes or if you have pets, this is especially important as others might have allergies or breathing issues like asthma.


Just be Courteous in what you bring! Please only bring items you would personally like to get!

*Items not meeting these conditions will not be sorted onto the tables and you may be asked not to return if you are a repeat offender.


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